duminică, 24 martie 2013

About brands, social media, churches and legacies

Some churches are small, quiet, traditional, repetitive and full of rules like orthodox churches.
Some are loud, crowded, organizing each week humongous meetings like megachurches.
The admin is the priest, the mediator between brand values and followers.
Priests are changing. The pope can resign.
Priests can influence the church, but not the religion.
Some priests do not influence anybody, not even themselves  Some admins also.

I was the "priest" of some communities and left the job. The first community was a swap clothes event that I wanted to turn into an online swap community, but did not managed (lack of budget). I was preaching on Facebook (page and group) and on a blog, beside the event itself. After I decided to leave the community, I found another preacher, but only offered the Facebook page. I didn't want to lend my entire legacy. The blog space remained empty in recency ever since, even though the Facebook Page continues it's activity.

Now I have to do the same with Oriflame and the feeling is torturing me. I have to leave everything clear. This is why I am asking myself if the work I have done is social and visible enough to be easy to understand for the person who will replace me, beside the training that I will support. Each brand advocate that the brand acquired in the past year has it's own story and it's own drive to be part of the community. I have the police woman, the school teacher and the mother near the brand. The woman from rural area, the one from urban and the one from outside our country. Each one of them entered the community with some expectations. We become friends. I just met one live, the others only during Facebook chats but I will surly miss them.

How can you be sure you will leave all the advices on the table and the community will be run in the best way or better? How can you be sure that your recipe is easy to follow?

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