duminică, 16 iunie 2013

Turkey 2013 Protests

At the beginning of the protest people said it started from social media. Erdogan is blaming social media for the development of the protest and this was backed up by the traditional media that was not transmitting anything from the square where events were happening.

I found out about the protests on 2nd of June, while reading this article on ablog. Nevertheless, 15 days later, things are getting much worse in Turkey and protests are similar to a revolution now, but only 5 or maybe 10 friends from my facebook/ twitter list are interested on what is happening there.

Social media is not doing anything without the help of traditional media. In Romania TV news stations are not interested in the subject and I find it very sad.

More interesting is how VICE is transmitting live or document the facts.

sâmbătă, 1 iunie 2013

Neil Perkin

Are you talking to me?

Sometimes, even though I find it distressing, it is useful to read something you already know, to find a writer that speaks your mind, like Social Media Marketing for Publishers written by Liz Murray. This is how conversations starts, you have something in common and want to speak about it, confront ideas and maybe also fight for opinions or a new concept.

Tonight I have several questions on my mind. I know my answer, but I'm searching for others too.
For example, do you like to have a dialogue with somebody you don't know, like a relative you have never met or a person on the street that is asking you an advice? Is that easy to bear, is it comfortable? Do you like to answer a tweet from a stranger? I only can guess your answer and mine from your first words.

How do you choose the subject you want to discuss with somebody totally new? Can you discuss anything with anyone? Do you stay in the comfort zone and just hum, or you start presenting or questioning an  interest, ask opinions and recommendations? How does a conversation start?