joi, 7 martie 2013

Digital Marketing Forum 2013

Most of the ideas wrote in notes after #digitalforum from Bucharest, were from Stefanos Karagos, from XPLAIN and Costin Radu from The Geeks.

  • Content is the king in the right context. Brands and community managers/ Facebook admins tend to con the content, write and post irrelevant stuff, just for driving likes and engagement.  
  • Brand advocates are important as humans optimize your content. 
  • Hard to understand Facebook ecosystem, as many rules arise every day. (like today for example, when Facebook launched the new news feed, after their latest Timeline update at the end of 2011)
My key conclusion from the entire conference and seminars is that due to all measurements in Social Media, we forgot about tribes, about communities. We forgot about what drives a person to talk about a brand and how a conversation starts. We fight to gain trust for/of clients and for budget approval and we rule out the most important thing in Social Media: PEOPLE.

Well, not all of us, if you look at Oriflame Trends online magazine, created for Oriflame brand, only in Romania! I had to brag about it. :)

And then, a piece of wisdom from 4 year ago, before Facebook brand pages exploded:

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